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Midlife marriage

Guidance for navigating this new season of life with all its joys and challenges
Inside this Series

Every marriage has seasons, filled with opportunity to deepen your relationship with your spouse. Sadly, when the nest empties, many couples find themselves feeling lost, nostalgic or unsure of what this stage of life means for them. Midlife marriage can be an exciting new chapter for you and your spouse, and we want to help you make the most of it. With articles and broadcasts from people who have walked this path already, you and your spouse can thrive as you navigate the joys and challenges of this new season. 

Discovering the joys of a new season

This new season of your marriage can be an exciting opportunity to get to know your spouse in a new way and deepen your relationship with one another. These resources will help you rediscover the joy in your marriage and thrive in this new stage of life.

Navigating the challenges

Different seasons of life bring different challenges, and this is especially true in marriage. As you and your spouse deal with the ups and downs of this new chapter in your relationship, we want to help guide you with the following resources so you can handle these challenges well. 

Taking time to serve together

Many couples who reach their midlife years find themselves with more free time, uncertain of how to spend it. Why not use this gift of time to help others? The following resources will hopefully inspire you and your spouse to reach out to others in love and service.