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Married with kids

Nurturing your marriage when planning a family, raising young children and guiding them to independence
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Becoming parents is an exciting – albeit daunting – time, but when a couple pushes aside their titles of “husband and wife” in favour of “Mom and Dad,” it’s not just the marriage that’s affected.

When Mom and Dad put their marriage first, the entire family has a firm, stable foundation upon which to thrive. Children feel stability when their parents continually invest in their marriage and they grow up learning what a healthy, thriving relationship looks like. 

The following articles and broadcasts will help you understand the importance of putting your marriage first and navigating the parenting years for the sake of your marriage. 

The importance of putting your marriage first

Deciding to start a family

Married with young children

Safeguarding your marriage when your teens and adult children are struggling

Prioritizing physical intimacy