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Marital conflict

Identify unhealthy conflict and learn new tools for being on the same team
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When two people come together in marriage, sharing not only their deepest thoughts and feelings but also their daily ups and downs, conflict becomes inevitable. Sadly many of us have never seen what healthy conflict looks like. Most of us simply follow our learned patterns and behaviours, which can too often lead to resentment, bitterness, unspoken hurt and, sometimes, deep division.

We want to help you and your spouse not only identify unhealthy conflict patterns, but also learn healthy strategies so you can experience the deep intimacy that comes with being on the same team.

The following resources will help you navigate marital conflict well, and also provide insight into specific challenges that you may be facing.

If you are feeling particularly stuck when it comes to conflict in your marriage, we encourage you to call our team at 1.800.661.9800. You can receive prayer, arrange to speak with a counsellor.

You can also learn about our Marriage Enrichment Conferences and Retreats for making strong marriages stronger at EnrichYourMarriage.ca.

Or visit HopeRestoredCanada.ca to learn about our Hope Restored marriage intensives designed specifically for struggling couples in crisis situations.

Identifying unhealthy conflict

Learning healthy conflict

When you and your spouse are facing a crisis

The value of marriage counselling

Managing pet peeves

Navigating personality differences

When other couples’ conflict affects your marriage

Dealing with financial conflict

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