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Help for grandparents

Adapting to a role that can be both joyful and challenging
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Today's families are busier than ever and more complicated than ever, presenting grandparents with some special challenges. If you’re a grandparent, maybe you're confident that you can build strong bonds with your grandkids. But what about step-grandkids? Or grandkids who suddenly move far away? Can you walk the fine line between being helpful versus intrusive, so your grandparenting role will always be welcome? How will you share your faith with your grandkids? Are you prepared to babysit your grandkids? If so, how often?

On this page, you’ll hear from grandparents and others who have navigated all these issues and more. It's our hope that their insights will help you thrive in your own grandparenting journey.

Understanding your grandparenting role

Pouring into the lives of your grandkids

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Caring for grandkids

Challenging issues for grandparents

Grandparenting at Christmastime