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Easter is a special and sacred time of the year for us as believers. But for our kids, the message about Jesus can be sidelined by other traditions involving Easter eggs, bunnies, chocolates and candy. On this page, you’ll find some tips, fun ideas and downloads to help you teach your children the powerful significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Talking to kids about Easter

New Easter devotional for 2024

As you walk through the eight days of this free devotional, you will see how different prophecies in the Old Testament came to fruition in the life of Jesus. From Palm Sunday’s verses about a humble king to Easter Sunday’s joy of a risen Lord, each devotion will direct you to the rich references found in Scripture. This devotional should be suitable for tweens and up, but we encourage parents to make sure the readings are appropriate for your family. Download here

Prepared for 2023: Our  eight-day Easter devotional Following Jesus Through Holy Week will allow you some unhurried, contemplative time with your family as you review together some of the events that took place during Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. We’ve designed this devotional to be suitable for sharing with children ages eight and up. However, we urge you to review the selected Scripture passages and reflections before sharing them with your children, to make sure they are appropriate for your family. Download here

New! Download this free Easter colouring page for kids that celebrates Jesus’ resurrection and features the Bible verse 1 Peter 1:3. Download here 
Also available in French here 

Listen to an exciting audio adventure from Adventures in Odyssey about the events surrounding Jesus' death and resurrection. (Suitable for ages 8+) Listen here

Download this 14-page booklet of family activities for Easter!  Download here

Bring the Easter story to life for your kids with eight days of Christ-centered activities that walk your kids through Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. (Updated for 2024)
Download here

Learn about Easter with a free lesson from Kids of Integrity - a site dedicated to helping parents nurture godly character in kids ages 3 to 10

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