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A Focus Series

Bullying and cyber-bullying

Whether bullying happens on the playground or via the Internet, victims and bystanders need to learn how to stand up to bullies
Inside this Series

If your child is being bullied, it’s not enough to stop the bullying. You’ll also need to find out what false messages your child has internalized through the bullying, as these can significantly erode self-esteem. Scroll down for articles, broadcasts and resources that will inform and empower you and your kids.

When your child is being bullied

Mean Girl Makeover - A novel series by Nancy Rue for ages 8+

A Girl's Guide to Best Friends and Mean Girls for ages 8+

The Bullying Breakthrough by youth expert Jonathan McKee provides strategies for both parents and teachers so they can help everyone involved: the bullied, the bystander, and those who bully.

When your teen is being bullied


Origins of bullying behaviour and tips for reformation


Parents and child victims of sexting and cyberbullying can find more help at or at