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Finding support as you or your loved one journey toward freedom
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Addiction can take many forms. Pornography and sexual addiction, drug abuse and alcoholism, gambling and even workaholism are the most common areas where people find themselves feeling enslaved and helpless in the fight for freedom. But those with addictions are never meant to walk this path alone. The following resources will provide you and your loved ones with the tools you need to not only understand these issues but to also take steps toward recovery.


The lure of Internet porn is compelling, and the use of it is reaching epidemic proportions. Access is easy. There’s no more lurking around the X-rated section of the video store – it all happens in the privacy of your home or office. The shame and self-loathing are crushing. Fortunately, there is help and hope for those who truly want to break free from this addiction.


If you’re looking for additional support, we encourage you to look at the help offered by Journey Canada. You can also contact our care and counselling team to speak to one of our in-house counsellors or get connected to a registered counsellor in your area. Call us at 1.800.661.9800 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. PT and ask to speak with the care associate.

Sexual addiction 

Sexual addiction, like any addiction, is about coping with pain destructively and trying to fill a void. People may turn to masturbation, sexual fantasy, pornography, cyber-sex, exhibitionism, infidelity or other forms of sexual behaviour instead of facing their hurts and turning to God for healing.


For additional support regarding sexual addiction, we encourage you to visit the websites for both Intentional Hearts and Living in Freedom, two ministries that seek to help the sexually addicted find freedom.

Drug addiction 

Abusing drugs, whether street drugs such as cocaine, crack, methamphetamines or marijuana, or prescription medications, is a dead-end street. Misuse of these substances can be deadly to the individual using them as well as enormously harmful to family members watching them slide down the slope of self-destruction.


There are several organizations in Canada that seek to help those battling drug addiction. Check out Celebrate Recovery and Canadian Assembly of Narcotics Anonymous for adults. For youth and young adults, we recommend Teen Challenge and Rock Solid Refuge.



Celebrate Recovery Canada and Alcoholics Anonymous Canada are two Canadian organizations that help those with alcoholism find a path to freedom and recovery.


Gambling is an addiction that destroys lives, and is fuelled by a mental obsession with winning big. A gambling addict may bet their entire paycheque, lie, steal, embezzle and eventually declare bankruptcy in an attempt to feed the illusion that security lies in wealth. A gambler risks it all – marriage, family, home, job and health – to chase this illusion. God wants us to find our security in Him, not in false idols.


If you or a loved one have a gambling problem, we encourage you to seek additional help from Gamblers Anonymous. You can also look at Problem Gambling Guide for additional resources.


Some people use work, much like others use drugs, alcohol or food, as a way to avoid dealing with painful realities in their life. Working brings rewards in the form of financial gain, recognition and affirmation that can become addictive to people who know no other way to have deep needs met. Workaholism can be very hard on families and loved ones. Ultimately, it is not healthy for the workaholic either.


If you or a loved one struggle with workaholism, Celebrate Recovery Canada is a great place to find the support you need and get connected.

“Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

Matthew 11:29