"Thank You, God, for this food. I hope we have ice cream for dessert. Amen."

Sound familiar? Mealtime and bedtime prayers said by young children are precious, but the content can become repetitive. Liven up your child’s prayer life with these fun ideas:

Memory cues. Do airplanes remind your child of an uncle who is a pilot? Do library books bring to mind a buddy who loves reading? Pray together for that uncle whenever a plane soars overhead or for your child’s friend when you visit the library.

Prayer walk. When the weather’s nice, take a stroll around the neighbourhood together. Pray for each household you pass and thank God for the beautiful things He has made.

Road trip praise. As you see letters on signs or license plates on your trip, take turns naming good things about God that start with each alphabet letter, from A to Z. For example, God is "awesome." He’s a "big" God.

Jar of prayers. Keep an empty jar on the kitchen table, along with a pencil and pad of paper. Ask each family member to write down one prayer request a day and put it in the jar. Then, take turns praying for the requests at dinnertime.

From Focus on Your Child’s Discovery Years, February 2008. Published by Focus on the Family. © 2008 Focus on the Family. All rights reserved. International copyright secured. Used by permission.

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