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Start your marriage off right with these helpful articles
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As a newlywed couple, you and your spouse are embarking on a lifetime of growing and learning alongside one another. Of course this is an exciting time as you start this new chapter, but it can also be daunting. To help you, we’ve compiled articles and broadcasts that speak directly into this stage of married life. From helping you build a foundation with your new husband or wife to learning to communicate and navigate physical intimacy, we hope these resources will help you and your spouse start your marriage out right.

Right after the honeymoon

If you and your spouse are finding it a struggle going from the excitement of your wedding and honeymoon to the routine of married life, you’re not alone. These articles provide advice from people who have been there to help you manage your expectations and find joy in this new stage of your life.

Building a foundation 

You’ve most likely been hearing advice from well-meaning loved ones ever since you and your new spouse first got engaged, but it can be overwhelming and hard to remember everything you’ve heard. These resources provide you with foundational skills you’ll need to thrive as newlyweds.

Getting to know your new spouse

Does your spouse recharge with people or do they prefer spending time alone? How do they show love? How do they need to be loved? Is it through gifts or words of affirmation? How will that affect how you interact with them? These articles give you advice for getting to know your spouse’s love language and introvert or extrovert personality, and why it’s so important for you to know as their husband or wife.

Learning to communicate

Communication is a fundamental skill for any relationship, but it’s especially crucial for you and your spouse to learn to communicate well. These articles provide you with valuable advice and proven tips for developing this skill in your marriage.

Navigating physical intimacy

In this article and broadcast by psychologist and author Dr. Juli Slattery, you and your spouse will hear valuable advice for overcoming and avoiding common challenges to sexual intimacy as newlyweds. 

Fostering spiritual intimacy 

Spiritual intimacy means you and your spouse have committed to making Christ the foundation of your individual lives and your married life. These articles will help you and your spouse foster a deeper spiritual connection to make sure that foundation is strong throughout your married life.

Learning from others

One of the most valuable things about living in community is learning from people who have already walked the path you’re currently on. These articles will guide you, both in building that community for your new marriage and in providing you with advice from those who have been where you are now.

In-law relationships

A lot of people have great relationships with their in-laws, but many do struggle as the extended family gets used to the new dynamic of a newlywed couple making their marriage their priority relationship. If you and your spouse are facing challenges in this area, these articles and broadcast will help you stay united as you learn to set healthy boundaries.

Sharing responsibility

From buying a house to dividing chores, newly married life often involves changing your habits and learning how you can work together as a team. These articles will give you a head start in these areas.