So you’re pregnant! Whether this is your first baby or your sixth, sharing the news that you’re expecting a bundle of joy is a big part of the fun. From grandmas to uncles to second cousins twice removed, your news is sure to be met with exclamations of joy.

Telling mom

When my husband and I found out we were expecting a baby, we had a great time trying to decide how to share our news. We found out we were pregnant the day before Mother’s Day, and though we’d always assumed we would wait until the end of the first trimester before telling people, we decided there could be no better day to share our news with our moms.

On Mother’s Day, I called my mom and told her I had a gift for her. She sounded excited and very curious. I said, "Unfortunately, you can’t have your gift right now. . . . Can you wait nine months?" There was a pause at the end of the line, and then I heard her take a sharp breath. "What?! Are you serious?" We laughed together as I shared our wonderful news, and she teared up over the phone, saying she couldn’t wait for her special gift to arrive.

Telling your siblings

When it came time to share the news with my sister, I decided to involve my eight-year-old niece, whom I’ve always had a special relationship with. While talking to her on the phone, I told her I had a secret I wanted to share with her. She whispered conspiratorially with me, sounding very pleased that I was entrusting her with a "grown-up secret." I told her I was going to have a baby and that I needed her help to share the news with her parents. She was, of course, thrilled about her new cousin – and also very "into" our plan.

I told her to get a marker and a piece of blank paper, and to write down what I said. After spelling out the phrase "I’m getting a new cousin!" I instructed her to go to her mom and give her the piece of paper. She giggled excitedly, thrilled to be a part of the plan. I heard her hand the paper to her mom, saying, "Mommy, I have something for you." After a short silence, I heard my sister yelp, "WHAT?!" and soon she was on the phone, very happy, indeed, to find out she was going to be a first-time aunt.

Okay, here's the plan . . .

If you’re looking for a fun way to share your exciting news, here are some ideas that might inspire you:

  • Buy a set of formal-looking invitations. On the insides, write (or have printed): "You are cordially invited to [your hospital’s name] to meet a very special person, sometime on or around [due date]. His/her name is yet to be decided, but we’re sure you’ll want to meet OUR NEW BABY!"

  • Buy a new calendar – possibly one featuring very cute babies – and give it to your parents (or sibling, friend, etc.) as a gift. However, before you give it to them, turn to the month of your due date and circle the date with a bright red marker, noting something like, "Baby’s due date!" When you give the calendar to your loved one, tell them they should see the photo on such-and-such month (your due date month). When they turn to see the photo, they’ll also see a very big surprise!

  • Order some pink and blue chocolate M&M'S® with the phrase "We’re pregnant!" printed on each candy (these can be ordered on the official M&M'S website*). Then, wrap the candies as a gift for your loved ones, and wait to see how long it takes for them to notice your message.

  • Invite your closest friends and family over for a game night. During a game of charades, hangman or Pictionary, act/spell/ draw out your "We’re expecting a baby" news.

  • Buy a blank scrapbook and title it: "The Story of [insert your name and your spouse’s]." Post pictures of your past – your childhood, how you met, your dating days and your wedding – then have a special page where you describe finding out about your pregnancy. Post a picture of your ultrasound photo and put "To be continued . . ." on the last page. Leave the scrapbook on your coffee table, and invite your parents over. Casually show them the book, or wait to see if they open it up on their own. Make sure you’re there to see their reaction when they read the ending! This will also make for a great keepsake.

  • Tell your mom, sister or best friend that you want to do a little redecorating in your home and need their opinion on what you should buy. Instead of going to a furniture or home decor store, take them to a baby boutique. They’ll get the point real fast! Plus, you’ll have a great time shopping together for your new nursery.

  • The next time you’re planning a trip to your parents’ home, tell them ahead of time that you have a few small items you need to store at their house temporarily. When you arrive, start bringing in baby supplies: diapers, wipes, toys, books, perhaps even a Pack 'n Play® or bouncy seat (if they have room to spare). They’ll love seeing these concrete items foretelling your baby’s future presence in their home, and you might even find it helpful to have these items on hand for future visits – especially if they’re willing to babysit!

  • If this is your first baby, the next time your mom, sister or best friend are over for a visit, nonchalantly bring out a laundry basket full of baby clothes. Ask her if she’d mind helping you with the folding, and have a camera ready to capture the look on her face when she realizes whose tiny clothes she’s folding!

  • If you already have a child or children, get them involved! Buy them a "Big Sister" or "Big Brother" t-shirt to announce the news, or have them draw a special card or poster featuring a family portrait – with new baby included!

  • Invite your friends or family over for a dinner party. For dessert, prepare a batch of cupcakes. On top of each cupcake, use icing to spell out your news – for example, "We are pregnant!" or "Baby on the way!" – using one letter for each cupcake. Mix the cupcakes up and tell your friends or family to unscramble the letters for a special message.

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