We believe God has ordained three basic institutions – the Church, the family and the government – for the benefit of all humankind.
The Church exists to minister to individuals and families by sharing the love of God and the message of repentance and salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Caring for pastors and their families

  Confidential counselling and encouragement for pastors and their families. Call 1-888-5-CLERGY (1-888-525-3749) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  We offer two beautiful retreat centres – one near Calgary, Alberta, and a second near Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our Kerith Retreats are dedicated to the strengthening of marriage and family relationships, and the spiritual restoration of those in ministry.
Pastor Events   Join us at one of our half-day pastors’ gatherings for encouragement and fellowship, or bring your spouse to a pastoral couples’ retreat and focus on building your marriage.

Helping minister to churches

Events   All through the year, we host family- and faith-building events across Canada to equip and encourage the families in your church.
Marriage Connection
  An interactive experience designed to help couples make a new connection in their marriage or take a good marriage to new heights.
Speakers & Teachers   Our experienced and dedicated speakers and teachers are here to address your church or other group on a wide variety of family ministry topics.

October is Clergy Appreciation Month!

When I reflect on my years of serving as a pastor, there are a couple moments that come to mind that continue to be a source of encouragement to me. 

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Knowing when it’s time to leave

“Is it time for me to leave my church?” Many pastors find themselves asking this question. The challenge is to make the decision based on solid Spirit-led discernment, not short-sighted impulse thinking.

There is no easy answer to this question. There are, however, factors to consider when deciding to stay or leave. 

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A great day for a celebration: Manitoba retreat centre grand opening

Friday the 13th may not seem like the best day for the grand opening of our new retreat centre in East Braintree, Man., but looking back, it was perfect. 

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Being both a pastor and a parent

It was just another evening family drive, or so I thought. My wife and I had all the kids packed into the minivan and were headed downtown. Once we were on our way home, I decided to make a quick detour to the church office. No sooner did I make the initial turn off the direct route home, than I heard a choir of complaining from the back seats. 

“Dad, why is it that every time we go someplace you have to stop by work?” 

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Why your church needs The Family Project

What does the significance of the family have to do with the life of the church? Everything!

Some feedback that Focus on the Family Canada has heard (and anticipated) about our recent documentary Irreplaceable has been: 

  • “What about singles?”
  • “Is this relevant to those who are not the perfect, nuclear family?”
  • “What about the broken families in our churches and communities? Won’t they just be discouraged by this message of God’s design for the family?”

In response to these questions, I would say that God’s design for the family brings the only lasting answer! The Family Project small-group DVD study begins where the documentary left off. My teenage children observed that Irreplaceable raised a lot of questions without giving too many answers. The small-group study expands on those questions to provide a broader picture of what God intends.

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