We believe God has ordained three basic institutions – the Church, the family and the government – for the benefit of all humankind.
The Church exists to minister to individuals and families by sharing the love of God and the message of repentance and salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Caring for pastors and their families

  Confidential counselling and encouragement for pastors and their families. Call 1-888-5-CLERGY (1-888-525-3749) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  We offer two beautiful retreat centres – one near Calgary, Alberta, and a second near Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our Kerith Retreats are dedicated to the strengthening of marriage and family relationships, and the spiritual restoration of those in ministry.

Helping minister to churches

Events   All through the year, we host family- and faith-building events across Canada to equip and encourage the families in your church.
  Check out great resources from Focus on the Family to help you strengthen marriages in your church, plus DVD-based small group studies and more.

Honouring marriages in your church

Marriage is the number one topic that callers reference when they call Focus on the Family Canada. Usually, the calls are not happy ones:

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Outstanding in their field: The joys and challenges facing those called to rural ministry

While 85 per cent of the Canadian population lives in cities, 90 per cent of our landscape is ministered to by rural pastors and churches. Often misunderstood and definitely underappreciated, rural pastors faithfully serve our rural regions without notice or fanfare. Yet, the pulse of rural ministry is infused with joy and challenge. 

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Dealing with a wounded soul

Do you ever struggle with truly feeling loved? Loved by God? Loved by your spouse? Loved by those you love? In your head, maybe you know that people love you or God loves you, but it might not always translate into your heart or soul.

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Depression: Who really understands it?

Over the last few years, we have become more informed about mental health concerns with a great deal of focus on depression. Some of our information has come from reading books, speaking to experts in this field and attending a couple of seminars. While that information is extremely important, it still leaves a broad measure of unknowns. 

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Happy first anniversary to Kerith Pines!

Excitement, nervousness, anticipation – these were some of the feelings that we experienced a year ago as we prepared for the grand opening of the Kerith Retreat centre in East Braintree, Man. There were many last-minute construction details that needed to be taken care of along with final touches to the décor to ensure that our guests would find their accommodations welcoming and restful. Our kitchen needed to be stocked with delicious, healthy food and our staff had to be equipped and ready to go. 

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