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"May our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God our Father, who loved us and by His grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word."
- II Thessalonians 2:16-17

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Our new retreat centre at Kerith Pines!

Excitement, nervousness, anticipation – these were some of the feelings that we experienced as we prepared for the grand opening of the Kerith Retreat centre in East Braintree, Manitoba. There were many last-minute construction details that needed to be taken care of along with final touches to the décor to ensure that our guests would find their accommodations welcoming and restful. Our kitchen needed to be stocked with delicious, healthy food and our staff had to be equipped and ready to go.

Read more to find out how the Lord settled those fears and provided for Kerith Pines>>


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Ministry is a high calling, but it's not for the faint of heart! Inherent in this line of work can be long hours, expectations of others, self-sacrifice and incredible times of joy. The Clergy Care Network and Focus on the Family Canada are here to help provide guidance when life is challenging — and to rejoice with you when things are going well.

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Feature Articles

How to properly process loss

by Merrie Eizenga
Loss is so much broader than just physical death. It's one of the topics we discuss with the pastors and church leaders who visit us at Kerith Retreats, and it is one of the topics that elicits the most response.

Well done!

A letter to pastors:
We don't entirely "get it." We know that. But most of us would like to "get it." Really, we would. Sometimes, we don't stop to think of what it's like to live in your shoes. We don't always stop to recognize that, for you, it must feel like your work is never done.

The gift of a fresh start

by Sam and Pauline Doerksen

A healthy way to move into a new fresh start requires us to look ahead and recognize the need for change before it's a necessity - and this is best done proactively. But how can we start fresh before a crisis requires it?

Good leaders retreat

by Drew Leaver

Good leaders don't always advance; sometimes they retreat. Great leaders retreat really well. Escaping the pressure of leadership for a time of evaluation and recalibration is critical. Good leaders know this. In my context, the pastors I most respect who have done some of the most profound work for the kingdom are the ones who have learned the art of retreating well.

Pursuit of sexual integrity as a church leader

by Sam and Pauline Doerksen

How do we approach the pursuit of sexual integrity when we feel like we are risking everything by doing so? Unpacking this issue can feel like opening Pandora's box. The uncertainties of what the consequences may be can feel daunting, yet the inner cry for release from the gripping hold and bondage constantly war against each other.

A look inside Kerith: An interview with Marshall and Merrie Eizenga

Marshall and Merrie Eizenga began their ministry as the new director couple at Kerith Creek in May 2016. Here's an opportunity to get to know them a little better.

A look inside Kerith: An interview with Steve and Becky Witmer

Steve and Becky are new to our team and occasionally serve as ministry leaders at both Kerith retreat centres. They are warm, authentic individuals with a lifetime of ministry experience.

A look inside Kerith: An interview with Brian and Sharon Heaney

Over the next few articles, we'd like to introduce you to some of the newer ministry couples who serve at Kerith Retreats. One of these couples is Brian and Sharon Heaney, who have been serving for about a year at Kerith Creek near Calgary.

Depression: Who really understands it?

by Sam and Pauline Doerksen

Over the last few years, we have become more informed about mental health concerns with a great deal of focus on depression. Some of our information has come from reading books, speaking to experts in this field and attending a couple of seminars. While that information is extremely important, it still leaves a broad measure of unknowns.

Dealing with a wounded soul

by Wendy Kittlitz

Do you ever struggle with truly feeling loved? Loved by God? Loved by your spouse? Loved by those you love? In your head, maybe you know that people love you or God loves you, but it might not always translate into your heart or soul.

Understanding and dealing with loss

by Randy MacDonald

Being responsible for the leadership of Focus on the Family Canada’s Kerith Retreats does not mean that I don’t experience loss. In the midst of the day-to-day demands of my ministry, from caring for my staff and our constituents, to learning how to lead this ministry, to making sure I practice what I preach, life can be very challenging.

Easter through the eyes of a pastor

by Sam Doerksen

In the church that I attended as a youth, Easter was a special time of year. Jesus Christ had risen from the dead! It was God who raised Jesus from the dead and this resurrection was supernatural! This was considered one of the most important events on the Christian calendar.

Changing lives: The Drop Box and the local church

by Randy MacDonald

On March 4 and 5, 2015, we are releasing a new documentary that explores defending the rights of the needy and inspires a fresh commitment to the sanctity of life.


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Is viewing pornography grounds for divorce?

Have you ever been asked this question? What was your answer?

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