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Welcome to Focus on the Family Canada and the world of volunteering! Volunteers are the foundation of our ministry. Volunteers bring enthusiasm, energy, skills and knowledge to the volunteer program. There’s a variety of volunteer activities and events waiting for you to explore.

Four ways to volunteer: 

  • Focus on the Family Canada prayer partner 
  • Hosting a Focus on the Family Canada Sunday in your church 
  • Assisting with regional/provincial event activities 
  • Providing administrative support through various departments at head office

Volunteer qualifications: 

Commitment to Christ 
Spiritual development is at the core of the philosophy of Focus on the Family Canada; therefore, a volunteer must have a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Commitment to the local Church
A volunteer must be a part of a body of believers that can provide support and encouragement. Involvement with Focus on the Family Canada's volunteer ministry may provide spiritual growth and fellowship, but in no way should participation with Focus on the Family Canada be seen as a substitute for commitment to a local church. 

Commitment to Focus on the Family Canada
A volunteer must be in agreement with the purpose and key objectives of Focus on the Family Canada. A volunteer must also endorse our Statement of Faith. 

Commitment to work with others from different Christian traditions
Focus on the Family Canada draws its support from a variety of people, churches and organizations; therefore, a volunteer must be able to work with Christians from different backgrounds and denominations. 

Commitment to a balanced Christian lifestyle
A volunteer must be committed to a balanced Christian lifestyle, which includes: maturity, emotional stability, healthy interpersonal relationships, financial responsibility and a stable living situation. 

Commitment to teamwork
A volunteer must work to build teams that exemplify unity in Christ and make the overall organization successful. A volunteer must have problem-solving skills and a cooperative attitude. Commitment to cooperate with Focus on the Family Canada supervision. A volunteer must be willing to cooperate with the direct supervisor in his or her ministry area. 

Commitment to special qualifications
A volunteer must meet any specialized qualifications required for a specific ministry position.

Join others to make a positive impact in Canada! 

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