Are you and your family spending time on the road this summer? It can be difficult to keep kids entertained in the car, which is why we have put together these fun car games your kids will love! 

Print off these free downloadable PDFs to take with you, whether you’re travelling near or far, so you’re always prepared to break up the boredom. 

Dunk the Cows

In this competitive game, kids will sharpen their skills of observation as they try to “collect” the most cows. 

What you need: pens and scorecards

Perfect for: ages 4 and up; players should be able to count.

How to play: Each player looks for cows on his side of the car. For each cow a person sees, he marks a tally on his card. When a player sees any body of water, such as a lake, stream, reservoir or pond, on his side of the car, he calls out, “I dunk your cows!” The other players must cross out all the cows they have counted and begin counting again. The player who “dunked” the cows gets to keep his total until someone else dunks his cows.

Decide when the game ends – perhaps when a parent sees a Z on a license plate or when the car crosses railroad tracks. Once a parent calls the end of the game, the players add up their tallies. The player with the most cows wins.

– Charlotte Adelsperger

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The Can Game

This homemade board game is easy to put together and ideal for road trips.

What you need: metallic can with plastic lid, magnetic craft strips (with sticky back), construction paper, scissors, double-sided tape, game cut-outs.

Perfect for: ages 5 and up

How to prepare the game board: Cut out the game strips. Arrange strips so they form a game board that wraps around the outside of the can. Attach strips to the can with double-sided tape (or glue).

How to prepare game pieces: Cut out game movers and attach a magnet to the back of each. To make game cards, cut out 2-inch squares from colored construction paper. Make several cards for each color on the game strips. For mobility, store the movers and cards inside the container.

How to play:

1. Place a game mover for each player at “start.”

2. The first player reaches into the can and draws a game card. The player must find a car or object of that colour then move his game piece to the first available space of the same colour. (For older children: The player must find the car or object within 10 seconds. If he does, he can move his game piece forward. Otherwise, his piece stays where it is.)

3. When a person’s turn comes to an end, he passes the can to the next player. Continue until a player reaches the end. If a player draws a color that has no more available spaces, he draws again.

– Karen Whiting

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Road Sign Bingo

How to play: Give one bingo card to each player. Whenever a player sees one of the signs on his bingo card, he can cross it off with a pencil. The first person to find all the signs in one row yells “Bingo!”

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“Dunk the Cows” © 2011 Charlotte Adelsperger. All rights reserved. Used with permission. “The Can Game” © 2011 Karen Whiting. All rights reserved. Used with permission. “Road Sign Bingo” © 2011 Focus on the Family. All rights reserved. Used with permission. "Games and Activities for Road Trips” © 2011 Focus on the Family. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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