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Resources to make the most of time with your kids
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These are unprecedented times! Suddenly parents have bonus time at home with their kids that they never anticipated. This topsy-turvy time can be a gift – an opportunity to learn, play and grow with your children!

Here are some ideas to help you occupy your kids and connect with them in new, meaningful ways. There’s help for you too, as a parent, as you navigate these unique circumstances.

Free activities for kids

Download lessons from Kids of Integrity

Free download: Walking Through Holy Week

Bring the Easter story to life for your kids with eight days of Christ-centered activities that walk your kids through Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.
Download here

Free download: Bible Detectives Adventure Kit

Investigate the scene. Study the suspects. Solve the case. The Bible Detectives adventure pack will challenge kids’ problem-solving skills while improving their Bible literacy.
Download here

Free download: World Explorers Adventure Kit

Send kids off circling the globe, visiting different countries on six continents to learn about their unique cultures. Guess where you’re going next using interesting facts about the country as clues. Be sure to download all three parts of this adventure kit:
Download the travel guide
Download the passport
Download the map

Free download: Agents of Truth Adventure Kit

Send your kids on missions that help them find answers to tough questions like Why can't we hear God? and Is there proof that Jesus rose from the dead?
Download here

Free download: Parent and Child Book Club

Encourage your kids to read more and guide them in their character education by starting your own parent-child book club! Here’s everything you need to get started! Download here 

More ideas for activities for kids

Ideas to nurture kids' faith

Free download: ABC Bible Memory Flash Cards

Download 26 colourful memory verse flash cards to make learning Scripture as easy as ABC for your child.
Download here

Free download: On-the-Go Devotions

140 simple, five-minute family devotions covering 26 topics – everything from the armour of God to how God loves you.
Download now

Free download: Planting Seeds of Biblical Truth

Download 52 free family devotions for children up to 12 years old.
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More ideas for nurturing kids' faith

Explore our series page on nurturing kids' faith for many more ideas to help you make learning about God a wonderful adventure for your kids.
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Ideas for meaningful conversations with kids

Mealtime discussion questions

Free download: The Talk

Erase awkwardness and enjoy relaxed, natural conversations with your children about their sexual development with help from this free guide.
Download here

More ideas for discussing sexuality

Explore our series page on sex education for articles and resources that help you teach your kids about sexuality from a godly perspective.
View this series page here

Free download: Parents' Guide to 13 Reasons Why

The TV series 13 Reasons Why raises issues of suicide, bullying and rape among teens. While Focus on the Family Canada does not recommend the show, this guide will help you discuss these important issues with your teen.
Download here

Coping with living in close quarters