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Teen suicide is a serious and troubling problem facing our kids today. But God’s Word offers hope and healing, especially for a generation desperately seeking purpose.

Focus on the Family’s Alive to Thrive: A Biblical Guide to Preventing Teen Suicide explores the social, psychological and spiritual aspects of the epidemic.

This new resource is written by Christian clinical experts and is designed to help parents, youth workers, ministry leaders and teachers understand how suicide is a profoundly spiritual issue.      

Topics covered include:

  • The Best Defense Against Suicide
  • Things That May Make Children Vulnerable to Suicide
  • Mental Health Issues and Suicide
  • Technology and Suicide
  • Problem Behaviours and Suicide
  • Dealing with Suicide

Alive to Thrive is not the type of suicide prevention resource that simply offers the warning signs or helps you deal with the aftermath of teen’s death by suicide. Alive to Thrive takes a true preventative approach. We discuss issues that we know can lead to suicide, and we teach you how to address them long before your child might ever entertain thoughts of ending his or her life.

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