We believe it’s important to explore, discuss and learn about today’s social issues in order to better serve and assist Canadian families. We care about issues like government policy, sanctity of human life, poverty, abortion, addiction and cultural trends because these are the real-life issues impacting Canadian families. We believe God calls us to engage in culture and stand up for Biblical truth while representing His compassionate, loving character, and the value He has placed on all human life.

Focus Insights is an initiative of Focus on the Family Canada that provides research and analysis from a Biblically Christian world view on current events, cultural trends and emerging ideas that impact churches, families and communities.

Christianity is a living faith with practical implications for every area of life. Focus Insights seeks to explore what it means to be faithful followers of Christ in all these areas. Our goal is to help Christians redeem their communities and respond to a complex world that desperately needs the love of God.

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