When visits with a step-parent disrupt kids' behaviour

When my stepchildren come back from their mother’s house, my husband and I find that it takes days to get them back into our normal routine and rules. How should I deal with this?

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Q&A: Blended families

Question: We’ve recently become a blended family. As a new stepparent, what can I do to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone concerned?

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The other parent

When a stepfamily is made up of children whose parents have previously divorced, there is often another parent - or parents - on the scene. This can add to the pressures on the new stepfamily - financially and emotionally.

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Suddenly a mom

Like many families today, when I said “I do” at my wedding, three came as the package! Gary’s first wife had died of cancer. Sandy and Matt were just six- and four-years-old when we met.

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The smart step-parent

We all like to know what is expected of us, especially regarding our family roles. Step-parents often discover that the ambiguous nature of their role leads to great frustration. Being a smart step-parent starts by knowing your place in the family.

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