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“Barefoot and pregnant” has new meaning these days. Expectant parents are digging their toes in the sand, sipping milkshakes by the pool and enjoying their last hurrah before the baby arrives.

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Then there were three

A long walk in the evening seemed like a great way to connect for Megan and Christian Heep. As new parents, the Heeps had learned that going out to dinner, having friends over and even watching a movie at home were now unpredictable events. Taking a walk seemed simple enough and a good way to catch up on each other’s day.

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Preparing for parenthood's financial squeeze

If there’s one topic that raises blood pressures of new and soon-to-be parents alike, it’s the financial expense of raising a child.

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Practical tips for parents-to-be

Expectant parents often spend months preparing for the arrival of their baby. There are parenting classes to attend, parenting books to read and plenty of steps to baby-proof the house. Then, as soon as the baby is born, there’s a whirlwind of activity and unexpected change.

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Is our marriage ready for a baby?

Jay and Nancy Gueldner couldn’t have been happier when they discovered their first baby was on the way. Both in their 30s, with solid careers and a happy marriage, the Gueldners were confident they could handle their new roles as parents.

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