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Navigating divorce: Your needs versus your kids' needs

In the turmoil of divorce, hurting parents often choose a path that soothes their pain or discomfort. Yet, unknowingly, their choices can be compounding the harm their divorce is already doing to their children.

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10 helpful tips for single parents

When you parent alone – whether due to divorce, the loss of your spouse or having a spouse who works away from home for long periods of time – trying to accept your new family situation can be overwhelming. While parenting is an incredible joy, there are times when it’s just survival. Read on for 10 tips that will not only help your family thrive, they'll also create opportunities to strengthen the relationships between you and your children, your children and God, and you and God.

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Purity protectors

Tears streamed down the face of the woman standing before me. “My dad wasn’t a part of my life,” she said between sobs. “So I looked for someone else to tell me I was beautiful. I gave myself away, my heart and my body, to know the love of a man. And now I’m paying the price. My heart is broken, and there is this trail of bad relationships behind me. I don’t want to do this anymore!”

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Hope for the new year

“Happy new year!” my voice cracked. With only two of my four children still living at home, our traditional celebration of finger food and movies wasn’t quite as festive as it used to be.

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Honour your father and mother

Eleven years after her parents’ divorce, my friend’s 14-year-old daughter kindly honoured her less-than-perfect dad. A male acquaintance had asked, “So what kind of dad is your father?”

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