Stepping in

Silver face paint will have to wait. I won’t be sitting between two grandsons this year, sharing popcorn and wearing Air Force blue. I’ll pass on the tickets and sit out the season, hearing highlights later like an ejected athlete.

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Spoiling grandchildren "right"

Pardon me while I brag a bit about my grandchildren. Why, they’re the cutest, smartest, most adorable kids! Did I mention they’re especially talented? And clever?

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A dose of wonder

During the months leading up to the birth of our first grandchild, my wife, Teri, and I received a lot of knowing winks and smiles from friends who were already grandparents.

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Put your grandkids to work

Many grandparents feel that the younger folks on their family tree have life too easy. Granted, few of them have had to rise before dawn to milk cows or gather eggs. But have things really changed that much? Do you remember lying around, listening to rock music and rolling your eyes when your grandparents told you you didn’t know how to work?

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Greying around the globe

“Bow lower!” my Japanese host emphatically said to me. “Unless you bow lower than Endo Sensei and hold the bow longer than he does, you will shame us both and disrespect his age!”

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