First-baby stress in new dads

For some new dads – though the awe and thrill of welcoming their newborn into their life never diminishes – baby’s arrival can kick off a disconcerting period of turbulent emotions.

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5 one-of-a-kind postcards for dad!

Do something different for Father's Day and bless dad with one (or all) of these five free printables designed just for him! Some are quirky, some are serious, some are sweet — just like dads.

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The hands that hold our children

With one hand, I kept my 10-month-old daughter, Ava, steady in my arms. With the other, I dialed 911. Moments earlier, as I sat on the couch feeding Ava from a bottle, she had grown very still. I watched with concern as her eyes fixed on the ceiling. Suddenly, her small body jerked. I looked up, wondering if something had startled her. She jerked again. I knew something was terribly wrong.

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Dads and the daughters they love

My dad was outnumbered almost from the start. Only a few years after he and my mom were married, they had a daughter . . . and then another daughter . . . and then another. Surrounded by four women, some people said my dad was a lucky man. Others patted him on the back and asked how many seconds per day he was allowed in the bathroom. In fact, to this day, hanging in my parents’ bathroom is a plaque that reads: “There’s a special bathroom in heaven for the fathers of three girls.”

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Powerful pray-ers

Most kids, up to a certain age, are proud of their dads. My four-year-old son assumes I can do everything he dreams of doing, including playing in the CFL, operating a front loader and flying a space shuttle. I rarely correct him.

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