Misbehaviour moments

A child’s repeated misbehaviour can be frustrating to parents, but Ali Dent found a way to turn her child’s wrongdoing into positive learning experiences. First, Ali measures her children’s view of right and wrong. If her son Jonathan takes something from his brother, she pulls Jonathan aside.

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Are you helping or enabling?

Some tweens have a problem being responsible for their belongings.

Tara was halfway to her appointment when her cellphone rang. It was her son Miles.

“Mom, I forgot my lunch.”

“Miles! This is the third time this week.”

“I know. I’m sorry. Can you bring it?”

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Families and the economy of self-control

As we come to terms with the vast unknown of our country’s economic situation, the conversation around the kitchen tables of Canada’s families turns serious.

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Raising kids, not grass

A friend of mine came home one afternoon and noticed a long scratch down the side of his one-week-old minivan.

“What happened?” he bellowed.

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Power parenting

I’m grateful for the opportunity to help the parents of teenagers, whether through our residential program, through books, our blogs, seminars or our two national radio programs.

As you can imagine, I also receive numerous calls and emailed pleas for help from parents of struggling teens every day. I’d like to share a few excerpts from the messages I received in my email inbox today:

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