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Q&A: Approval of future son-in-law

My daughter recently asked my husband and me if we approved of her boyfriend, whom she loves dearly. It seems irresponsible not to point out areas where they may struggle as a couple, but on the other hand, if they marry, I don’t want our son-in-law to always remember that we had some concerns.

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How to support your adult child without condoning their choices

Our adult child has completely rejected his Christian upbringing. After graduating from high school he moved in with his girlfriend and became involved with drug and alcohol abuse. Our hearts ache to reach out to him, but we don't want to appear to be condoning his lifestyle. What would you recommend?

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The long road to reconciliation

Although Carol, Sheila and Donna haven’t met, they walk the same road – the road to reconciliation. They desire healthy family relationships, but past hurts have set roadblocks between them and their loved ones.

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Under one roof

Family became more precious to me after I sat by the bedside of my dying father-in-law, after I cared for my mother following emergency triple-bypass surgery, and when I held newborn nephews as my sister celebrated the beginning of her own young family.

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Across the miles

Whether by camel, wagon or rental truck, couples have been packing up and heading into the great unknown of God’s will for thousands of years, leaving family behind with tearful goodbyes.

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