New friends in a new world

Our family had been in the process of international adoption for 19 months when we finally boarded a plane for Ethiopia. Ten days later, we arrived home with our two new daughters, Shadaye (then five years old) and Tassani (then three years old).

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The toddler carjacking and other adoption stories

Though I was adopted as an infant, I began to see the adoption process from a new perspective when our family adopted a toddler from India. A few weeks before completing the adoption, I was driving my two biological children to a park. I told them, “Today we’re going to Indian Trail.”

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Special (overseas) delivery

When David and Ellen Rice walked out of the Dayton, Ohio, airport with their six-month-old daughter, Emily, from China, they began an exciting new journey as a family. When George and Ruth Jennings cradled their 18-month-old daughter, Maggie, on the long flight home from India, they, too, started a new adventure.

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On being an adopted child

Adoption conjures up a variety of images, some of which are fairly negative. Its portrayal in TV soaps, for example, is rarely accurate and often sensational. Admittedly, my own story has had its fair share of ups and downs, but ultimately, my adoption has been a positive thing, and I am very grateful for my adoptive family.

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Supporting foster families

On our first day as foster parents, we had ice cream for dinner. My husband and I thought it’d be an afternoon comfort after the “new house” tour, but then the children fell asleep from exhaustion before the real dinnertime.

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