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Q&A: Helping a bereaved friend

Question: A dear friend of ours recently lost her spouse. We’d like to be available to support and comfort her in any way we can during this time of grief. Do you have any helpful suggestions?

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Living again after loss

Single parenting was not a part of my dream for the future. But a few months after our 16th wedding anniversary, a doctor said, “I’m so very sorry” as he diagnosed my husband’s brain cancer. Soon I was left to raise a 10-year-old son and an eight-year-old daughter alone.

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Don’t send a sympathy card

An invisible knife pierces my heart. Ever since my 59-year-old husband lost his valiant battle with colon cancer, I’ve waited for him to call, to hear his hearty laugh – but silence looms.

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No sweeter thing

Tears dripped into my bowl of cookie dough. I kept stirring, uncaring. Dark chocolate chips slowly blended with the thick mixture and my tears. I longed for a touch of sweetness to soothe my inner ache. Instead, hopeless thoughts filled my mind.

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A thing of beauty

My tired body leaned against the kitchen counter while my sister, Laura, dried the last of the dishes. Across town, my husband, Jason, lay in a hospital room recovering from brain surgery. Wrapped in the night’s stillness, I thought about what was to come and murmured, “I guess we’re about to see the answer to our prayers. One way or another, it will all be over soon.”

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