intimacy and romance

How to find romance in the everyday

Some couples would liken their marriages to fairy tale storybooks. They jet off to Paris on a whim and frequently post photos from tropical beaches. But I have a sneaking suspicion that most of us would say our marriages are far more Farmer’s Almanac than anything else. We can predict with reasonable certainty what the year will hold and a weekend in some exotic locale isn’t in the forecast. 

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Why you should avoid all shades of erotica

You’re not curious in the slightest about Fifty Shades of Grey, are you? No Christian or self-respecting woman would want to read this “mommy-porn,” would they?

Or perhaps you've read E.L. James’ novels, convinced they've been the best thing that’s happened to your sex life since you said “I do.”

What are the risks and rewards of erotica? And is it worth it?

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Why so serious? Four thoughts that stifle laughter

When was the last time you made your husband giggle to the point of snorting? Or the last time you got your wife to laugh so hard she spewed her morning coffee everywhere? What about the last time you two caught each other’s eye across a full room and shared a private chuckle? 

If you can’t remember, you may be in what author Ted Cunningham calls “the grind,” which is when a couple feels stuck in the routine of life. But routine needn’t mean an absence of fun.

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Q&A: Sexual misunderstanding (wife’s viewpoint)

Question: My husband is constantly badgering me to have sex. When I respond that I'm not in the mood, he gets angry and tells me that there are all kinds of things that he does for me when he's "not in the mood." Is there something wrong with me? What can I do to smooth these troubled waters? 

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9 paths to spiritual intimacy

You’re equally yoked! Spiritual intimacy in your marriage should be a breeze, right? Wrong.

Shared beliefs form a foundational bond between you and your spouse, but they don’t automatically synchronize your spiritual steps. Not when you like praying in a quiet closet while your husband prefers sharing in a small group.

It’s not so easy to walk together when your pace is different, is it?

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