Childless in a world of babies

It had been a hard day. Despite yet another trip to the infertility clinic, I wasn’t pregnant. Still. So, as the sun slipped behind the horizon, all I wanted to do was forget – forget about cradles and bibs, diapers and rattles, everything that had to do with the baby I couldn’t seem to have.

But life conspired against me.

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Waiting for baby

The adoption process can seem slow, but patience often pays off.

“I’m afraid you’re not going to be able to have your own children.”

Almost 25 years ago, those words were going to change our lives more than we could have ever realized.

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The grief of infertility

As we entered the one-room country church, my dad reached to steady my mom. The explosion of colour, the thick scent of lilies and the face of my grandfather in a bronze casket had knocked her off balance.

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