7 things to remember when your in-laws can’t let go

“My husband always stops by his mom’s house on the way home.” 

“My wife still asks her father for advice instead of asking me.” 

“My mother-in-law pops by without asking and redoes housework I’ve already done.” 

When you mention any of these scenarios to a group of married couples, nods of understanding and sighs of agreement can be heard around the room. Whether you’re newlyweds or married for years, struggling to get along with your in-laws while also attempting to create your own relationship outside of their control is a line many people walk – and many trip over. 

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Q&A: Non-Christian in-laws

Question: My in-laws don’t share our Christian faith, and this has sometimes led to awkward or difficult situations at family gatherings. Can you give me and my spouse some tips for handling this relationship with a greater degree of grace and understanding?

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Q&A: Uninvited in-laws

Question: My husband and I have been married for seven months and we currently rent our home from my mother-in-law who lives within driving distance of us.

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8 expert tips to survive Christmas with the in-laws

Does a weeknight dinner with the in-laws seem tough enough? Now add to the agenda bright lights, seasonal soundtracks, deep-rooted traditions, family photos and heightened emotions – that’s right, it’s Christmas!

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The mother-in-law of her dreams

Enter the word mother-in-law into an Internet search engine, and the first site that appears is about mother-in-law jokes. Simply mention the word mother-in-law and expect to hear groans, laughter or bad mother-in-law stories.

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