Valentine's Day: What's a man to do?

“So tell me,” I asked my wife, “what’s your idea of a heartfelt, genuine expression of love on Valentine’s Day?”

I was curious because the commercials had convinced me that the only way my sweetheart would know I cared was if I gave her expensive gifts like diamonds, a fur coat or a two-week cruise to the Bahamas.

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Men's midlife obstacles

The toys are in the garage, and the kids are gone. Now what? By midlife, we expect to have the answers. Instead, we often have a new set of unsettling questions.

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Low self-esteem and your marriage

When Ed married Mona, he adored her red hair and freckles. Ten years later, he still admired them. One evening, as he gazed upon her beauty, he said, “Honey, I just love your red hair and your freckles.”

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Sexual needs: his & hers

Like most newlyweds, Josh and Lauren had anticipated the unity and ecstasy of married sexuality. Even though their honeymoon wasn’t perfect, they still hoped they would “click” and discover the ultimate beauty of sexual oneness. After two years of frustration, their optimism began to wane.

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Different for a reason

“I just don’t get her.”

“I don’t understand him.”

“Why aren’t we ever on the same page?”

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