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Entertainment is a potent influence on our culture for both good and evil. Through our reviews and discussions of that entertainment, we hope to spark intellectual thought, family discussion, spiritual growth and a strong desire to follow the command of Colossians 2:8.


"See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ."

PI Podcast

  • Disney's Little Mermaid discusses her role in the studio's animation renaissance ... and a mom's view of its shapely heroines. Plus, our take on TV's hottest half-hour.

  • An indie dramedy about a playboy-turned-devoted dad takes Hollywood by storm. Then it's the music of Macklemore, a Disney video game and a pop quiz gaffe!

  • How does a new film paint 1D, the world's reigning boy band? Also an expert explains which screen habits may be costing your family sleep, and how you can rest easier.

  • A racially charged drama ponders whether civil rights conflicts are better served by humility or activism. Also, inside "reality" TV and Nickelodeon's latest bout of spinoff fever.

  • Popular YA novels boast angelic ties, but their big-screen debut is far from heavenly. And surf's up as Disney takes kids back to 1962 in the smash hit Teen Beach Movie.

  • Young demigods rule a PG sequel that shows some improvement. Also, Disney's Planes and a new role-playing game in the popular Animal Crossing series.

  • Those little blue critters are back, along with their sorcerer nemesis. Will this sequel cast a spell on kids? And how has a former Disney star’s music matured now that she’s 21?

  • Want to live forever? Families get different views of eternity and immortality from the latest X-Men film and a new graphic novel by the best-selling author of Heaven.

  • This M.I.B. clone adds a spiritual dimension, but how does the afterlife look in R.I.P.D.? We also inspect the summer's hottest video game and a controversial music video.

  • When a supercharged snail races in the Indy 500, families win. And find out why the Transformers films can't compete with colossal robots and giant lizards.

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