Because families matter...

Family is the primary place where we can find God and learn about Him in everyday ways. Through the ups and downs, the joy and hurt, family can mirror His love, discipline, laughter, forgiveness and provision. And when family fails us, God offers His healing and strength.

God desires family to be a safe place for us to grow and flourish. It’s the first place we learn to get along and find the courage to venture out on our own. It’s where we can:

  • Discover our dreams
  • Throw a tantrum
  • Learn to fight – and lick our wounds
  • Experience love and
  • Face tomorrow

Because families aren't perfect...

God knows we are broken and can find family life difficult. That’s why Focus on the Family Canada exists. Every day, we’re contacted by those needing trustworthy guidance, practical help and solid hope for their lives and families.

For many, the need is profound: a parent has abandoned their spouse and children, a family member has received a bleak diagnosis, or a child has walked away from the Lord.

For others, life is simply life, bringing pressures and trials that come with building a healthy, thriving family.


Because families need encouragement...

No matter what the situation, Focus on the Family Canada is here to come alongside families, bringing God’s love and compassion and breathing life-giving hope into situations that may appear hopeless.


Because families need you...

Your financial support provides families with Biblical tools and guidance to address the issues they face and improve their relationships. This can be the deciding factor between a broken home with hurt children and thriving families experiencing blessings as God intended.

That’s why we need the help of friends like you. And it’s why we ask you to prayerfully consider financially supporting Focus on the Family Canada today.



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