How you can help Canadian families

Marriages and families are under a lot of pressure. You may have experienced this in your own life or seen it happen to your loved ones.

This pressure can cause us to lose sight of the hope and joy we have in Christ, and may lead us toward unhealthy ways of coping instead of resolving the problems we face.

Families are meant to be a safe place for us to grow and flourish, but families aren’t perfect. You can provide stability for families who are facing uncertainty. You can offer them trustworthy guidance, practical help and solid hope as they address their issues and improve their relationships.

You can help families thrive today!

Your donation means so much to each one of the families we serve across our country. Through your generosity, families will be strengthened, Biblical values will be promoted, and lives will be transformed through the power of the gospel — something that Canadian families need.

You can donate to Focus on the Family Canada in a variety of ways, including a gift of a specific, single amount or monthly contributions to the ministry.

To make a difference in the lives of Canadian families today, you can donate by calling us (1.800.661.9800), sending your gift through the mail, or giving online through our safe, secure website .

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